Revelation of The Great ‘I AM’ – Perspectives on The Gospel of John


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Have you ever wondered about the significance of the wedding at Cana? Why John developed his Gospel around seven signs? Or, what does Jesus’ statement “I AM the Light of the World” have to do with the Jewish Festival of Lights?

It has long been acknowledged that the Gospel of John was written to the Jews, but so often one does not consider this when reading it. Astrid Staley travels through the Gospel of John introducing the Jewish mindset, and helping one see the events, statements and signs of the Gospel the way a first century Jew would have seen them.

The Apostle Paul stated in 1Corinthians 1:22 that Jews sought ‘signs,’ so it should be no surprise that John arranged his Gospel around 7 signs. He places emphases on the 7 ‘I AM’ statements of Jesus, and is careful to place his narratives within the framework of the Jewish festivals. The correlation between the Jewish festivals, the ‘I AM’ statements, and the signs are brought to the fore. Astrid explains how the Jews would have understood them, what they understood Jesus to be saying, and why they so often wanted to kill Him. We are offered explanations to the ritual and meaning behind the words and actions.

Astrid shows the connection between the Old Testament Jewish Scriptures and events in the Gospel, revealing the Jewishness of the themes and events to make John’s intentions fully known. People and events of the first century come alive and their concerns made real. Astrid uses her consecrated imagination to fill in details and explain emotions aroused by Jesus at different times. She brings to life the character and nature of God, the disciples and other key people in John’s Gospel within a Jewish context.

John is very specific in what he writes, and Astrid shows the continuity of purpose throughout the Gospel and the development of John’s discussion from natural to spiritual, from transitory to eternal and how the themes develop together to make one common goal.

Revelation of the Great ‘I AM’ – Perspectives on the Gospel of John, brings freshness and attention to details in the study of this Gospel. Life messages are interwoven throughout this book designed to develop depth to ones relationship with the Jewish Messiah. It has something for everyone, from the devotional reader, to the serious Bible student.

Gail Jewett, (BA) HBC Student

This 580+ page commentary can be read by any person desirous of understanding the Gospel’s content more clearly, in need of more proof for the Divinity of Christ, or would like to make deeper connections within the Gospel, to the Old Testament; particularly from a Jewish perspective. Practical life lessons, are also given where possible. This is a publication which will meet the need of the keen Bible student, the pastor, the preacher, the casual reader, and someone who has never picked up a Bible. There are 716 references for the keen student who wants greater in-depth knowledge. May your life be enriched, as you come face-to-face with the Great ‘I AM.’


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